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Q: Can I use the same bottle codes to enter the prize draw and to receive a bottle opener once I’ve collected 20 caps?

A: Yes you can! Just make sure the photo you upload is clear and the codes are visible. Or you can enter the codes manually if you’d prefer.

Q: How many codes can I use to enter the prize draw?

A: A maximum of 20 codes per person can be entered but only one prize per household can be claimed. There is no limit on the number of bottle openers that can be collected per household.

Q: When do I need to have entered the codes by?

A: You need to have entered all your codes (20 per person) by 30th September 2018 when the promotion will end.

Q: I’ve won a holiday what do I need to do next?

A: You will be contacted by a member of our customer service team by phone who will arrange your holiday for you. You will need to provide your address details to our customer service member.

Q: I’ve won a t-shirt/cap what do I need to do next?

A: You will be sent an email containing a link to the Supermalt online shop and a unique discount code which you can then use to purchase your cap or t-shirt depending on what you have won. You will receive this email within 5 working days.

Q: I’ve uploaded a photo of 20 bottle caps on the website, how will I get my bottle opener?

A: Once your photo has been verified we will send your bottle opener to your registered address. Your bottle opener will be dispatched within 7 working days.